ABA/VB Information DVD

The diagnosis "autism", is not the end, it is a beginning.

With applied behavior analysis and Verbal Behavior (ABA/VB) a lot can be accomplished. Teaching with this method will evoke a child's desire to learn.

The following video gives information about autism, as well as teaching with ABA/VB.

It is our goal to make the information about autism and ABA/VB available to as many people as possible.

Bonus Video Material

Dr. Vincent J. Carbone has been working on the further development of applied behavior analysis for 30 years. He is a known expert for ABA/VB. His research on these topics has been published in peer reviewed scientific journals. He currently holds adjunct faculty appointments at Penn State University and Simmons College in Boston, MA, USA. He teaches therapists in workshops and can be met as a regular speaker in International congresses.

His clinic in New York (www.carboneclinic.com) works with schools, offices and families in the USA and Europe.