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Gemeinsame Teilnahme an der 9. Konferenz der EABA
Dr. Katerina Dounavi, BCBA-D and Silke Johnson
Joint participation in the 9th EABA conference (European Association for Behavior Analysis) in Würzburg, September 2018

"Very thankful for almost 14 wonderful years with you, Hexe! Thank you for your loyalty and your awesome support in contact with the children. For so many children you were a reinforcer and because of you many children lost their fear of dogs and other animals!
What a grandiose departure of your soul: first a warm breeze, then rolling thunder and a heavy thunderstorm with lots of rain and hail.
You will be always in my heart ♡"

Meeting of the members of DGVA at the workshop of Dr. Mary Lynch Barbera in Cologne in November 2014.

Congratulations Dr. Katerina Dounavi, BCBA-D! Katerina obtained cum laude her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid!

Joint participation in the 6th conference of the EABA (European Association for Behaviour Analysis) in Lisbon, Portugal, September 6-9, 2012.

Essential for Living is both an assessment and a curriculum. It is used to determine the current performance level of each child or adult with respect to skills that are part of the instrument, in other words, to conduct a curriculum-based assessment. This instrument is also used to develop long-term goals and short-term objectives for individual education or support plans and to track skill acquisition and problem behavior.

Since February 1st of 2012, Melody Learning Center is being led in sole proprietorship by Silke Johnson

The close supervision is continuously provided by the clinical director of Melody Learning Center: Katerina Dounavi, BCBA.